At present, the number of registered members is more than 40,000!

Membership Requirements Types of Memebership Membership Fee Membership Rules

Membership Requirements

Minimum academic qualification for general membership is graduation from any university or private institution recognized by HEC or approved by the secretary of the Board. Regular students who have taken admission in an HEC recognized institution for graduate classes can also get the membership.


Types of Memebership

The library offers six types of membership with the following details.

Graduation degree holders who have studied for at least four years after passing the intermediate or equivalent examination can get membership at library. Also persons who have made substantial contributions in any of the basic/applied field of Arts, Humanities, Sciences, Technology, Sports and other fields or have authentic and recognized publications to their credit or are making substantial contribution to some newspapers/journals of repute. The Secretary of the Board may relax condition of basic academic qualifications in such case. The membership will be for one year from the issue and shall be renewable.

Post-graduate students of the faculties of Arts, Humanities, Sciences and Information Technology, Regular students of last two semesters/modules C.A/I.C.M.A. or equivalent degree and M.B.B.S. /B.D.S/B.Sc.Engg., or equivalent degree students from some recognized institute.

A person who is eligible to become a general member can also apply for life membership.

The Board of Governors of Quaid-e-Azam Library may, at its directions, confer an honorary life membership to a person who has made an outstanding contribution in any public, academic, technical or any other field and whose association with QAL will add to standing of the library

A person who wants to study in Library for a limited amount of time can get the casual membership for a month which can be extended maximum for 3 months but he/she must follow the standard membership criteria.

All citizen of Pakistan who has crossed the age of 60 and follow the standard membership criteria can get membership at Library free of cost.


Membership Fee

Membership Type Fee Security Fee
General Rs. 300 Annual Dues Rs. 500
Student Rs. 100 Annual Dues Rs. 500
Life Rs. 10,000 Only Once Nil
Honorary Nil Nil
Casual Rs. 100 Monthly Dues Rs, 200
Senior Citicen Nil Nil

Membership Rules

All persons admitted to the use of the library are subject to observe the following rules and regulations of the library:

No library material shall be taken away from the premises.
Good order and silence shall be maintained in all reading rooms.
Readers must conduct themselves in an orderly manner.
Eating and drinking is forbidden in all parts of the library.
Smoking is strictly prohibited.
Readers shall neither replace books nor transfer the books from one reading room to another.
Books shall not be transferred from one person to another.
The library shall not receive any telephone call or mail on behalf of readers.
Private calls will not be allowed from official telephones.
Reference books and current periodicals will not be issued from the library.
The Board of Governors has the power to modify these regulations if it seems advisable to them.
Books will not be marked with ink or pencil. Readers will be responsible for any damage to books or other reading material.
Readers or members will not introduce visitors in the Reading Rooms without the permission of the Chief Librarian.
Readers shall not damage, mark or write on any book, periodical, map etc. Those who violate this regulation will be charged double the price of the damaged item.
Readers shall leave their personal belongings such as books, brief cases, hand bags etc. at the entrance of the main hall of the library. They will be required to submit for inspection any book or any object which they are carrying while leaving the library.
Refreshment, ink bottles and any other material which may accidentally damage library property must not be brought into the library building.