Sr No. Newspaper Title (of Article)  Subject Author/Writer  DOP Article Reference 
1 The Nation Byzantine face of NGOs NGO's TARIK JAN 5/11/2005 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\NGO's\Byzantine face of NGOs by Tarik Jan. Nation. 05-11-2006.doc
2 Dawn The charity scandal that rocked France NGO's Zafer Masud 27/11/2007 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\NGO's\The charity scandal that rocked France,by Zafar Masud,Dawn,27-11-2007.doc
3 Daily Times Judging NGOs NGO's Syed Muhammad Ali 01.09.2009 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\NGO's\Judging NGOs by Syed Muhammad Ali,Daily Times,01.09.2009.doc
4 Dawn How Pakistan survives -- 2 NGO's Zubeida Mustafa 17.03.2010 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\NGO's\How Pakistan survives 2 by Zubeida,Dawn,17.03.2010.doc
5 The F .post  NGOS' War against National Sovereignty -II NGO's Naseer Dashti  28-3-2002 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\NGO's\NGO\NGO-001.PDF
6 The News  All About NGOs NGO's Qinded Shujaat  30-11-2002 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\NGO's\NGO\NGO-002.PDF
7 The News  Ethics for do -gooders  NGO's Dr.M.S.Jillani 5/9/2002 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\NGO's\NGO\NGO-003.PDF
8 The News  Self -Proclaimed people's representatives NGO's Muddassir Rizvi 24-12-2002 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\NGO's\NGO\NGO-004.PDF
9 The News  An eyewitnewss Account  NGO's Robin fernandaz 24-11-2002 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\NGO's\NGO\NGO-005.PDF
10 Dawn NGOs An ally of free market forces   NGO's Ali Salman  17-5-2005 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\NGO's\NGO\NGO-006.PDF
11 A less objective analysis  adan lodhi  ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\NGO's\NGO\NGO-007.PDF
12 Dawn NGOs have their own agenda NGO's Tazeen javed  24-5-2003 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\NGO's\NGO\NGO-008.PDF
13 Dawn They are keeping resistance alive  NGO's Anis Haroon  14-6-2003 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\NGO's\NGO\NGO-009.PDF
14 The blame Game  NGO's Ameer hamza  ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\NGO's\NGO\NGO-010.PDF
15 Dawn Failure to address the core issues  NGO's M.Afzal Najeeb  21-6-2003 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\NGO's\NGO\NGO-011.PDF
16 Dawn Are NGO's serving west 's Interests  NGO's Dr.Mubarak Ali  10/9/2003 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\NGO's\NGO\NGO-012.PDF
17 Dawn No, ther role is positive  NGO's Asad Siddiqi 10/5/2003 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\NGO's\NGO\NGO-013.PDF
18 Dawn Influencing State Policies  NGO's Nisar A. Brohi 10/5/2003 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\NGO's\NGO\NGO-015.PDF
19 The News  NGOs Challeges ahead  NGO's Dr.firoz Ahmad 1/12/2003 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\NGO's\NGO\NGO-016.PDF
20 Dawn Framework NGO's 26-7-2007 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\NGO's\NGO\NGO-017.PDF
21 The F .post  The rising Power of NGOs  NGO's Joseph S. Nye  5/7/2004 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\NGO's\NGO\NGO-018.PDF
22 The F .post  NGOs at war with State establishment  NGO's Shamsa Ishfaq 30-9-2004 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\NGO's\NGO\NGO-019.PDF
23 Dawn  NGO factor at WSF W orries  NGO's Humeira Iqtidar  14-2-2004 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\NGO's\NGO\NGO-020.PDF