Sr No. Newspaper Title (of Article)  Subject Author/Writer  DOP Article Reference 
1 The Nation Politics of media blitz Mass Media AHMAD MUAFFAQ ZAIDAN  10/3/2006 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Politics of media blitz,The Nation,10-3-2006.doc
2 The Nation Freedom and anarchy Mass Media Javed Jabbar 18-03-2006 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Freedom and anarchy by Javed Jabbar.The Nation,18-03-2006.doc
3 Dawn Digital overload Mass Media The Guardian 16-06-2006 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Digital overload,Dawn,16-06-2006.doc
4 Dawn Training of media persons Mass Media Zubeida Mustafa 14-06-2006 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Training of media persons,by Zubeida Mustafa,Dawn,14-06-2006.doc
5 The News Blaming it on the media Mass Media Ghazi Salahuddin 16-07-2006 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Blaming it on the media,by Ghazi Salahuddin,The News,16-07-2006.doc
6 The Nation Sheer absurdity Mass Media G.G. KHAN 1/8/2006 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Sheer absurdity.Nation.01-08-2006.doc
7 Dawn The other side of press freedom Mass Media Zubeida Mustafa 10/5/2006 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\The other side of press freedom,by Zubeida Mustada,Dawn,10-05-2006.doc
8 Dawn Indian media plays judge as justice system
Mass Media Palash Kumar 2/11/2006 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Indian media plays judge as justice system fails by Palash Humar. Dawn. 02-11-2006.doc
9 Daily Times Five hours with Al Jazeera in English Mass Media Dante Chinni 28-11-2006 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Five hours with Al Jazeera in English by Dante Chinni. Daily Times. 28-11-2006.pdf
10 Dawn A hundred years of radio Mass Media Anwer Mooraj 15-01-2007 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\A hundred years of radio,Anwer Mooraj,Dawn,15-01-2007.doc
11 Daily Times Managing the media  Mass Media Dr Ayesha Siddiqa 4/12/2006 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Managing the media,byAyesha Siddiqa,Daily Time ,04-12-2006.doc
12 Dawn Whom to believe? Mass Media Syed Atiq ul Hassan 7/1/2007 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Whom to believe,by Syed Atiq ul Hassan,Dawn,07-01-2007.doc
13 Daily Times Targeting journalists Mass Media Daily Times Monitor 7/2/2007 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Targeting journalists,Daily Time,07-02-2007.doc
14 Dawn Press freedom improving in Asia: report Mass Media 2/2/2007 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Press freedom improving in Asia,Dawn,02-02-2007.doc
15 Dawn Being private in public Mass Media Dr Muhammad Waqar Raza 28-01-2007 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Being private in public,by Dr Muhammad Waqar Raza,Dawn,30-01-2007.doc
16 Daily Times Americans see media aiding moral … Mass Media 9/3/2007 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Americans see media aiding moral decline,Daily Time,09-03-2007.doc
17 Daily Times Bloggers brace for blackouts over CJ Mass Media Cecil J.Chen 17-03-2007 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Bloggers brace for blackouts over CJp,by Cecil J. Chen,Daiy Time,17-03-2007.doc
18 Dawn Defending the fourth estate Mass Media Tanvir Ahmad Khan 19-03-2007 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Defending the fourth estate,by Tanvir Ahmad Khan,Dawn,19-03-2007.doc
19 Dawn Judicial crisis and media's role Mass Media Dr. Tariq Rehman 27-03-07 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Judicial crisis and media, by Dr. Tariq Rahman, Dawn, 27-03-07.doc
20 Daily Times The unmediiated media Mass Media Rasul Bakhsh Rais 27-03-2008 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\The unmediated media,by Rasul Bakhsh Rias,Daily Time,27-03-2007.doc
21 Dawn Let them have their say Mass Media Mahir Ali 6/6/2007 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Let them have their say,by Mahir Ali,Dawn,06-06-2007.doc
22 Dawn Curbs on the media Mass Media 6/6/2007 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Curbs on the media,Dawn,06-06-2007.doc
23 Dawn Fourth Estate in a fix Mass Media Afshan Subbohi 10/6/2007 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Fourth Estate in a fix,Afshan Subohi,Dawn,10-06-2007.doc
24 Dawn Being uncomfortable with free media Mass Media Khalid Jawed Khan 12/6/2007 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Being uncomfortable with free media,by Khalid Jawed Khan,Dawn,12-06-2007.doc
25 Dawn What remains of Pemra law Mass Media I.A.Rehman 14/6/2007 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\What remains of Pemra law,by I .A.Rehman,Dawn,14-06-2007.doc
26 Daily Times The threat to al jazeera Mass Media George Galloway 16/6/2007 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\The threat to al Jazeera,by George Galloway,Daily Time,16-06-2007.pdf
27 Dawn The question of press freedom Mass Media Dr Tariq Rahman 19/6/2007 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\The question of press freedom,by Dr Tariq Rahman,awn,19-06-2007.doc
29 Dawn Changing role of the media Mass Media Mohammad Waseem 19/6/2007 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Changing role of the media,by Mohammad Waseem,Dawn,19-06-2007.doc
30 Dawn Professional hazards for journalists Mass Media Zubeida Mustafa 20-06-07 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Professional hazards for journalists, by Zubeida Mustafa, Dawn, 20-06-07.doc
31 Daily Times Governments and media control Mass Media Dr. Ayesha Siddiqa 30-07-07 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Goverments and media control,by Dr Ayesha Siddiqa,Daily Time,30-07-2007.doc
32 Dawn Simmering Iran-US tensions Mass Media Kuldip Nayer 4/8/2007 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Is Indian press independent,by Kuldip Nayar,Dawn,4-8-2007.doc
33 Dawn Media and women Mass Media Armeen A. Tinwala 21-10-07 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Media and women, by Armeen A. Tianwala,Dawn,21-10-2007.doc
34 Daily Times A chapter of history might have burnt with radio… Mass Media Amar Guriro 29-10-07 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\A chapter of history might have burnt with radio station,s building,by Amar  Guriro,Daily Time,29-10-2007.doc
35 Dawn Media-free rule Mass Media S.Khalid Husain 27-12-07 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Media free rule,by S.Khalid Husain,Dawn,26-12-2007.doc
36 Daily Times Pakistan tops killing of journalists in South Asia in 2007 Mass Media 1/1/2008 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Pakistan tops killing of journalists in South Asia in 2007 SAMC,Daily Time,01-01-2008.doc
37 Dawn Our embattled media Mass Media Tanvir Ahmad Khan 9/1/2008 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Our embattled Tanvir Ahmad Khan,Dawn,09-01-2008.doc
38 Dawn Video killed the radio star? Mass Media Sabih Mohsin 20-1-08 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Video killed the radio star by Sabin Mohsin,Dawn,20-01-2008.doc
39 Dawn New age of the media Mass Media Ayesha Siddiqa 28-3-08 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\New age of the media by Ayesha Siddiqa, Dawn, 28-3-08.doc
40 Dawn Responsibility must anchor freedom Mass Media Raza Rumi 31-3-08 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Responsibility must anchor freedom by Raza Rumi,Dawn,31-3-08.doc
41 Dawn Hazards of another kind Mass Media Duncan Campbell 16-4-08 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Hazards of another kind by Duncan Campbell,Dawn,16-04-2008.doc
42 Dawn Information or propaganda Mass Media Jawed Naqvi 17-4-08 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Information or propaganda by Jawed Naqvi,Dawn,17-04-2008.doc
43 Dawn Newseum: media history behind glass Mass Media James Hohmann 20-4-08 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Newseum media history behind glass by James Hohmann,Dawn,20-04-2008.doc
44 Dawn Press freedom has declined worldwide  Mass Media 30-4-08 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Press freedom has declined worldwide,Dawn,30-04-2008.doc
45 Daily Times Are US and Israel waging war against media? Mass Media Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban 3/5/2008 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Are US and Israel waging war against media by Dr Bouthaina Shaaban,Daily Time,03-05-2008.pdf
46 Jang 2007 pakistani media or sahfiao kaliay badtareen raha Mass Media 3/5/2008 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\2007 pakistani media or sahfiao kaliay badtareen raha,Jang ,03-05-2008.gif
47 Express Azadi shafat par anch nahi aanay deay gay Mass Media Mohsin Goraya 5/5/2008 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Azadi shafat par anch nahi aanay deay gay by Mohsan Goraya,Express,05-05-2008.gif
48 Dawn Press release Mass Media Qasim A. Moini 4/5/2008 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Press release by Qasim A. Moini,Dawn,04-05-2008.doc
49 Dawn Whoa year Mass Media Zofeen T. Ebrahim 4/5/2008 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Whoa year  by Zofeen T.Ebrahim,Dawn,04-05-2008.doc
50 Nawa-e-Waqt Mulke ki zaray taraqi may radio ka kirdar Mass Media Asghar Malik 7/5/2008 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Mulke ki zaray taraqi may radio ka kirdar by Asghar Malik,Nawa-e- waqt,07-05-2008.bmp
51 Daily Times Media frenzy Mass Media Munir Attaullah 21-5-08 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Media frenzy by Munir Attaullah,Daily Time,21-05-2008.doc
52 Daily Times Prospects for partnership  Mass Media Syed Mohammad Ali 8/7/2008 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Prospects for partnership by Syed  Mohammad Ali,08-07-2008.doc
53 Dawn Ethical issues in Advertising advertisement Burhanuddin Hasan 6/8/2008 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Advertisement\Ethical issues in advertising by Burhanuddin Hasan,Dawn,06-08-2008.doc
54 Daily Times Media and India-Pakistan relations Mass Media Brian Cloughley 16/8/2008 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Media and India-Pakistan relations by Brian Cloughley,Daily Time,16-08-2008.pdf
55 Daily Times The fall of Musharraf Mass Media Rasul Bakhsh Rais 18-8-08 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\The Fall of Musharraf,Rasul Bakhsh Rais,Daily Times,19-8-08.doc
56 Daily Times Free Vs responsible Mass Media Safiya Aftab 20-10-08 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Free Vs responsible by Safiya Aftab, Daily Times, 20-10-08.doc
57 Dawn War, regimentation and journalism Mass Media Syed Irfan Ashraf 25.06.2009 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\War regimentation and journalism , Dawn, 25.06.2009.doc
58 Dawn Guarding our liberties Mass Media Dr Tariq Rahman 23.07.2009 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Guarding our liberties, Dawn, 23.07.2009.doc
59 Dawn TV and free speech Mass Media-TV A G Noorani 04.07.2009 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\TV and free speach by A.G. Noorani, dawn, 04.07.09.doc
60 Dawn Global media's war Mass Media Manzoor Ali Memon 29.07.2009 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Global medias war, Dawn, 29.07.2009.doc
61 Dawn The 'new' journalist Mass Media Hajrah Mumtaz 12.07.2009 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Journalism\The new journalist, Dawn, 12.07.2009.doc
62 Dawn The case for a citizens' media Mass Media Faizullah Jan 13.07.2009 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\The case for a citizens, Dawn, 13.07.2009.doc
63 Daily Times African states overtake France & Italy in press freedom Mass Media- Press Freedom 21.10.2009 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\African states overtake France and Italy in press freedom,Daily Times,21.10.2009.doc
64 Dawn Misjudging media freedom in Pakistan Mass Media- Press Freedom Ilhan Niaz 15.11.2009 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Misjudging media freedom in Pakistan by Ilhan Niaz,Dawn,15.11.2009.doc
65 Dawn Mass freedom & responsibilities Mass Media-Freedom Manzoor Ali Memon 24.11.2009 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Media freedom and responsibility by Manzoor Memon,Dawn,24.11.2009.doc
66 Dawn Indian media that sell out to politicians Mass Media Maseeh Rahman & Rory Carroll 04.01.2010 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Indian media that sell out to politicians by Maseeh,Carrol,Dawn04.01.2010.doc
67 Dawn Media's partisan image Mass Media Syed Irfan Ashraf 11.01.2010 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Media partisan image by Irfan,Dawn,11.01.2010.doc
68 Dawn Genie out of the bottle Mass Media Syed Irfan Ashraf 16.03.2010 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Genie out of the bottle by Syed Irfan,Dawn,16.03.2010.pdf
69 Daily Times Paid news: A cancer in the Indian media Mass Media - India Nava Thakuria 16.03.2010 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Paid News A cancer in the Indian media by Nava,Daily Times,16.03.2010.doc
70 Dawn How NYT & CNN embeacing new technology Mass Media Mercedes Bunz 19.03.2010 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\How NYT and CNN embracing new technology by Mercedes,Dawn,19.03.2010.doc
71 Daily Times Who watches the watch? Mass Media - Pakistan Zaair Hussain 02.04.2010 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Who watches the watch by Zaair Hussain,Daily Times,02.04.2010.doc
72 Daily Times Media, medics & medical errors Mass Media Dr Mohammad Taqi 13.04.2010 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Media,medics and medical error by Dr M Taqi.Daily Times,13.04.2010.doc
73 Dawn Promoting media literacy Mass Media - Literacy Manzoor Ali Memon 09.06.2010 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Promoting media literacy by Manzoor,Dawn,09.06.2010.doc
74 Daily Times Media freedom fears after Pakistan facebook ban Mass Media - Censorship Syed Shoaib Hassan 27.05.2010 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Media freedom fears after Pakistan Facebook ban by Syed Shoaib,Daily Times,27.05.2010.doc
75 Daily Times Embedded with the Taliban? Mass Media - Taliban Dr Mohammad Taqi 27.05.2010 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Embedded with the Taliban by Dr M Taqi,Daily Times,27.05.2010.doc
76 Dawn Why Helen Thomas had to resign Mass Media - Freedom - USA Chris McGreal 10.06.2010 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Why Helen Thomas had to resign by Chris,Dawn,10.06.2010.doc
77 Dawn Narratives integrity Mass Media Niilofur Farrukh 15.6.2010 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Narratives of integrity by Niilofur Farrukh, Dawn, 15.6.10.doc
78 Dawn Indo-Pak press code Mass Media-Press Code A.G. Noorani 12.6.10 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Indo Pak press code by A.G. Noorani, Dawn, 12.6.10.doc
79 Dawn Media's slippery slope Mass Media Moeed Yusuf 14.6.10 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Media's slippery slope by Moeed Yusuf, Dawn, 14.6.10.doc
80 Daily Times No hurry for a functional Press Council - I Mass Media Babar Ayaz 29.6.10 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\No hurry for a functional Press Council-I by Babar Ayaz, Daily Times, 29.6.10.doc
81 Daily Times Revolutions, and all that Mass Media Munir Attaullah 7.7.10 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Revolutions, and all that by Munir Attaullah, Daily Times, 7.7.10.doc
82 Daily Times Reaction of the media to criticism Mass Media-Criticism Azhar Ghumro 15.7.10 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Reaction of the media to criticism by Azhar Ghumro, Daily Times, 15.7.10.doc
83 Daily Times Media and militancy Mass Media-Militancy Gulmina Bilal Ahmad 16.7.10 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Media and militancy by Gulmina Bilal Ahmad, Daily Times, 16.7.10.doc
84 Dawn Coverage of US issues Mass Media-Pak Huma Yusuf 25.7.10 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Coverage of US issues by Huma Yusuf, Dawn, 25.7.10.doc
85 Daily Times The enemy and the role of the media Mass Media-Pak Arif Ansar 28.7.10 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\The enemy and the role of the media by Arif Ansar, Daily Times, 28.7.10.doc
86 Dawn Flawed Grasp of Pakistan Foreign Media-Pakistan Catrioria Luke 12.8.10 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Flawed grasp of Pakistan by Catriona Luke, Dawn, 12.8.10.doc
87 Daily Times In South Asia, independent journalism is a real risk Mass Media-South Asia Mustafa Qadri 30.11.10 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\In south Asia, independent journalism is a real risk by Mushtafa Qadri, Daily Times, 30.11.10.doc
88 Dawn Harbinger of a new age? Information Freedom Shahab Usto 9.12.10 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Journalism\Harbinger of a new age by Shahab Usto, Dawn, 9.12.10.doc
89 Daily Times The truth will always win Mass Media-Wikileaks Julian Assange 8.12.10 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\The Truth Will Always Win by Julian Assange, Daily Times, 8.12.10.doc
90 Dawn Secret funds Information Freedom 11.12.10 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Journalism\Secret funds, Dawn, 11.12.10.doc
91 Dawn WikiLeaks and its fallout effect Information Freedom-Wikileaks Karamatullah K. Ghori 12.12.10 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Journalism\WikiLeaks and its fallout effect by Karamatullah K. Ghori, Dawn, 12.12.10.doc
92 Dawn WikiLeaks tests our media Mass Media Zubeida Mustafa 15.12.10 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\WikiLeaks tests our media by Zubeida Mustafa, Dawn, 15.12.10.doc
93 Dawn Regulate the lobbyists Mass Media -Lobbying A.G. Noorani 22.1.11 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Regulate the lobbyists by A.G.Noorani, Dawn, 22.1.11.doc
94 Dawn Journalism held hostage Mass Media-Freedom Syed Irfan Ashraf 7.4.11 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Journalism held hostage by Syed Irfan Ashraf, Dawn, 7.4.11.doc
95 Daily Times Role of the media Mass Media  Nilifar Ahmed 9.4.11 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\ROLE OF THE MEDIA BY Nilofar Ahmed.Daily Times.9.4.11.doc
96 Dawn Television & mental health Mass Media-TV-Social aspects Zubeida Mustafa 11.5.11 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Television & mental health by Zubeida Mustafa, Dawn, 11.5.11.doc
97 Daily Times Why is he not alive? Mass Media-Freedom Susan Marie 2.6.11 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Why is he not alive by Susan Marie, Daily Times, 2.6.11.doc
98 Daily Times Demands for justice Mass Media Mohammad Ahmad 4.6.11 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Demands for justice by Mohammad Ahmad, Daily Times, 4.6.11.doc
99 Daily Times Journalists lives in danger in Pakistan and India Mass Media-Freedom Iftikhar Gilani 21.6.11 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Journalism\Journalists lives in danger in Pakistan and India by Iftikhar Gilani, Daily Times, 21.6.11.pdf
100 Daily Times Manufacturing dumbness Mass Media Marvi Sirmed 27.6.11 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Manufacturing dumbness by Marvi Sirmed, Daily Times, 27.6.11.doc
101 Dawn The Guardian versus Rupert Murdoch Mass Media-UK 11.7.11 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\The Guardian versus Rupert Murdoch, Dawn, 11.7.11.doc
102 Dawn Who guards the guardians Mass Media-UK Abbas Nasir 16.7.11 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Who guards the guardians by Abas Nasir, Dawn, 16.7.11.doc
103 Dawn The 'overlooked' details Mass Media-Karachi Sumaira Jajja 18.7.11 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\The 'overlooked' details by Sumaira Jajja, Dawn, 18.7.11.doc
104 Dawn Uncertain Future for British Newspapers after scandal  Mass Media Newspaper -UK Sam Reeves  18-7-11 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Uncertain future for British newspapers after scandal by Sam Reeves, Dawn, 18.7.11.doc
105 Daily Times Murdoch's banishment first step in cleaning up media Mass Media - UK Henry Porter 19-7-11 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Murdoch's banisment first step in cleaning up media,by Henry Porter, Daily times, 19-7-11.doc
106 Daily Times Murdoch: will anything really change? Mass Media-UK Tariq Ali 23.7.11 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Murdoch Will anything really change by Tariq Ali, Daily Times, 23.7.11.doc
107 Dawn Media without dignity Mass Media-Ethics Zubeida Mustafa 27.7.11 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Media without dignity by Zubeida Mustafa, Dawn, 27.7.11.doc
108 Daily Times The journalist and the spies Journalism-Pakistan-Shahzad Case Dexter Filkins 14.9.11 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Journalism\The Journalist and the Spies by Dexter Filkins, Daily Times, 14.9.11.doc
109 Dawn Media's approach to economic issues Mass Media-Economy Asad Umar 20.10.11 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Media's approach to economic issues by Asad Umar, Dawn, 20.10.11.doc
110 Dawn State ads and free press Mass Media-Press-Freedom A.G. Noorani 12.11.11 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\State ads and free press by A.G. Noorani, Dawn, 12.11.11.doc
111 Dawn  Big change,small screen Mass Media-TV talks Mohammad Waseem 29.11.11 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Big change,small screen by Mohammad Waseem,dawn,29.11.11.doc
112 The News Land where truth goes to die Mass media -Ethics Mehreen Zahra Malik  10.12.11 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Land where truth goes to die by Mehreen Zahra Malik , THE NEWS, 10.12.11.doc
113 Dawn  Regulation of space activities  mass media Technologies  Shah Yusuf  2.1.2012 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Regulation of space activities by Shah Murad , DAwn , 02.1.2012.doc
114 The news  Some thoughts on Media  Mass media  Justice markandy  3.1.2012 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Some thoughts on the media by Justice Markandy , The news , 3.1.2012.doc
115 Dawn Libel and free press Mass Media A.G. Noorani 21.1.12 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Libel and free press by A.G. Noorani, Dawn, 21.1.12.doc
116 Dawn Hard times for Journalists Mass Media Syed Irfan Ashraf 01.02.12 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Hard times for journalist by Syed Irfan Ashraf, The Dawn, 01.02.12.doc
117 Dawn Freedom or licence for TV? Mass Media-Freedom Zubeida Mustafa 8.2.12 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Freedom or licence for TV by Zubeida Mustafa, Dawn, 8.2.12.doc
118 Dawn Confidential matters Mass Media-Freedom A.G. Noorani 11.2.12 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Confidential matters by A.G. Noorani, Dawn, 11.2.12.doc
119 Dawn A brave journalist Mass Media Shada Islam 25.2.12 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\A brave journalist by Shada Islam, Dawn, 25.2.12.doc
120 Dawn Beyond the Oscar Mass Media-Oscar Award F.S. Aijazuddin 1.3.12 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Beyond the Oscar by F.S. Aijazuddin, Dawn, 1.3.12.doc
121 Daily Times First Oscar victory gives Pakistanis reason to celebrate Mass Media-Oscar Award Declan Walsh 29.2.12 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\First Oscar Victory Gives Pakistanis Reason to Celebrate by Declan Walsh, Daily Times, 29.2.12.doc
122 Daily Times You have it a candle, Sharmeen Mass Media-Oscar Award Dr. Haider Shah 3.3.12 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\You have lit a candle, Sharmeen by Dr. Haider Shah, 3.3.12.doc
123 Dawn Attacks on journalists Mass Communication-Freedom A.G. Noorani 24.3.12 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Attacks on journalists by A.G. Noorani, Dawn, 24.3.12.doc
124 Dawn Hacks,clubs and violence Mass Media-Journalism-Pak Asha,ar Rehman 17-4-2012 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Journalism\Hacks. clubs and violence by Asha'ar Rehman, Dawn, 17.4.12.doc
125 Dawn The war on journalism Mass Media Mustafa Qadri 7.6.12 Z:\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Journalism\The war on journalism by Mustafa Qadri, Dawn, 7.6.12.doc
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127 Dawn Question mark on the media's credibilty Mass Media Mohammad Jmil 22-6-2012 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Question mark on the media 's credobilty by Mohammad Jamil,Nation,22-6-2012.doc
128 Daily Times The twittering twits  Mass Media Hina Hafeezullah Ishaq 29-6-2012 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\The twittering twits by Hina Hafeezullah Ishaq,Daily Times,29-6-2012.doc
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153 Dawn The real danger ,  Mass Media OW E N B E N N E T T J O N E S 4/2/2020 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\The real danger , OW E N B E N N E T T J O N E S , 2,4,2020 ,Dawn.docx
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171 Daily Times A house divided Mass Media Yasser latif Hamdani 28/12/2020 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\A house divided, Yasser Latif Hamdani.docx
172 Dawn Anti-media trend Mass Media Huma Yusuf 28/12/2020 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Anti media trend, H U M A Y U S U F.docx
173 Daily Times The Dangers of fake news Mass Media Ikram Sehgal 30/01/2021 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\The dangers of fake news.docx
174 Dawn Why a national image matters Mass Media Maleeha Lodhi 8/2/2021 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Why a national image matters.docx
175 The Nation Adoring Turkish drama avoiding the realism Mass Media Elf habib 15/2/2021 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Adoring Turkish dramas avoiding the realism.docx
176 Dawn Suppressing Voices Mass Media-Media Usama Khilji 16/2/2021 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Media\Suppressing voices.docx
177 The News Regulatory challenges Mass Media-Media Nanjala Nyabola 16/2/2021 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Media\Regulatory challenges Nanjala Nyabola.docx
178 The news Analysing official versions Mass Media Dr Nazir mahmood 18/2/2021 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Analysing official versions Dr Naazir Mahmood.docx
179 The nation Covering the wrong issues Mass Media Zara Maqbool 18/2/2021 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Covering the wrong issues.docx
180 The nation Social media legislation Mass Media-Media Asfan Tariq 27/2/2021 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Media\Social media legislation.docx
181 Dawn Journalism and the internet Mass Media-Journalism Usama Khilji 1/3/2021 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\MASS Media\Journalism\Journalism and the internet.docx