Sr No. Newspaper Title (of Article) Subject Author/Writer DOP Article Reference
1 Daily Times Social activism in South Asia Civil Society Syed Mohammad Ali 17.8.04 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Civil services\Civil Society\Social activism in South Asia by Syed Mohammad Ali, Daily Times, 17.8.04.pdf
2 Dawn A forlorn hope for civil society Civil Society Irshad Abdul Kadir 18.9.04 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Civil services\Civil Society\A forlorn hope for civil society by Irshad Abdulo Kadir, Dawn, 18.9.04.pdf
3 Dawn Civil socity without democrats Civil Society Aqil Shah 28.6.05 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Civil services\Civil Society\civil society without democrats by Aqil Shah,Dawn,28.6.05.pdf
4 Dawn Civil socity not state to bring about change Civil Society Asghar Ali Engineer 25.12.04 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Civil services\Civil Society\Civil socity not state to bring about change by Asghar Ali Engineer,Dawn,25.12.04.pdf
5 Dawn How bureacucracy appropriated political power Civil Services M. Abul Fazl 5.6.04 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Civil services\How bureaucracy appropriated political power by M. Abul Fazl, Dawn, 5.6.04.pdf
6 Dawn Muslim Thought & Work Ethic Civil Services Anwar Syed 13.6.04 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Civil services\Muslim Thought & Work Ethic By Anwar Syed Dawn 13.6.04.pdf
7 Dawn Reviving Autonomy of public service commission Civil Services M. M Usmani 24.4.04 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Civil services\Reviving autonomy of public service commission ByM.M UsmaniDawn24.4.04.pdf
8 Dawn Resturucturing Civil Services Civil Services Kunwar Idris 29.2.04 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Civil services\Restructuring Civil Services By Kunwar Idris Dawn 29.2.04.pdf
5 The Nation Compernsation for what Civil Services Dr Faisal Bari 13-02-2006 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Civil services\Compensating for what,The Nation.Feb.13.2006.doc
6 Dawn Role of civil servants Civil Services Kunwar Idris 30-04-2006 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Civil services\Role of civil servants,by Kunwar Idris,Dawn,30-04-2006.doc
7 The News Civil services in tatters Civil Services Ansar Abbasi 18-03-2006 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Civil services\Civil services in tatters by ansar Abbasi.The News,18-03-2006.doc
8 Dawn The civil and military gazette Civil Services Anjum Niaz 16-04-2006 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Civil services\The civil and military gazette by anjum Niaz.Dawn,16-04-2006.doc
9 Dawn The CSP: dead as a dodo Civil Services Anjum Niaz 14-05-2006 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Civil services\The CSPdead as a dodo by Anjum Niaz Dawn, 14-05-06..doc
10 Dawn The decline of the civil service Civil Services Zafar Iqbal 26-05-2006 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Civil services\The decline of the civil service,byZafar Iqbal,Dawn,26-05-2006.doc
11 Dawn A famous speech Civil Services MAH 10/9/2006 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Civil services\A famous speech by MAH. Dawn.10-09-2006.doc
12 Dawn Declining talent in civil service Civil Services Kunwar Idris 5/11/2006 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Civil services\Declining talent in civil serviceby Kunwar Idris. Dawn. 05-11-2006.doc
13 Dawn What civil society must do to assert itself Civil Services S.M. Naseem 4/3/2007 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Civil services\What civil society must do to assert itself,by S.M.Naseem,Dawn,04-03-2007.doc
14 Dawn Resurgence of civil society Civil Services Manzoor Ali Isran 28/4/2007 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Civil services\Resurgence of civil society,by Manzoor Ali Isran,Dawn,28-04-2007.doc
15 Dawn Restoring trust in civil service Civil Services Tasneem Noorani 5/8/2007 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Civil services\Restoring trust in civil service,by Tasneem Noorani,Dawn,05-08-2007.doc
16 Daily Time Civil society struggles in Putinís Russia Civil Services Ursula Hyzy 24/11/2007 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Civil services\Civil society struggles in Putin,s Russia,by Ursula Hyzy,Daily Time,24-11-2007.doc
17 Daily Time Civil Society and common reality Civil Society Chaudhry Fawad Hussain 19-12-07 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Civil services\Civil Society\Civil society and common Chaudhry Fawad Hussain,18-12-2007.doc
18 Daily Time In search of civil society Civil Society Syed Mansoor Hussain 24/12/2007 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Civil services\Civil Society\In search of civil society,by Syed Mansoor Hussain,Daily Time,24-12-2007.doc
19 Dawn A vibrant civil society Civil Society Javed Hasan Aly 26-12-07 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Civil services\Civil Society\A vibrant civil society by Javed Hasan Aly, Dawn, 26-12-2007.doc
20 Dawn Racketeers behind child beggars go scot-free Beggers & Begging Zulqernain Tahir 12/2/2008 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Civil services\Civil Society\Racketeers behind child beggars go scot-free by Zulqernain Tahir,Dawn,12-02-2008.bmp
21 Dawn Democracy and civil service Civil Services Kunwar Idris 18-5-08 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Civil services\Democracy and civil service by Kunwar Idris,Dawn,18-05-2008.doc
22 Daily Time Killing the messenger Civil Services A.G. Noorani 30-5-08 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Civil services\Killing the messenger by A G Noorani,Daily Time,30-05-2008.doc
23 Dawn Not the optimal solution Civil Services Zubair Khurshid Bhatti 22-10-08 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Civil services\Not the optimal solutionby Zubair Khurshid Bhatti,Dawn,22-10-2008.doc
24 Daily Time CSR-do it right! Civil Services Nadeem Ul Haq 13.07.2009 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Civil services\CSR do it right,Daily Times, 13.07.2009.doc
25 Daily Time Return to 'magistracy' Civil Services Nadeem Ul Haq 24.07.2009 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Civil services\Return to magistracy, Daily Times, 24.07.2009.doc
26 Daily Time Our tax and Paris men Civil Services Zubair Khurshid Bhatti 28.07.2009 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Civil services\Our tax and Paris men. Dawn, 29.07.2009.doc
27 Dawn Civil society movement Civil Services Niilofur Farrukh 21.01.2010 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Civil services\Civil Society\Civil society movement by Niilofur,Dawn,21.01,2010.doc
28 Dawn The need for salary reform Civil Services Zubair Khurshid Bhatti 6.4.10 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Civil services\The need for salary reform by Zubair K. Bhatti, Dawn, 6.4.10.doc
29 Dawn An endangered species Civil Services A.G. Noorani 31.7.10 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Civil services\An endangered species by A.G. Noorani, Dawn, 31.7.10.doc
30 Dawn A society in flux Civil Society Shahab Usto 30.12.10 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Civil services\Civil Society\A society in flux by Shahab Usto, Dawn, 30.12.10.doc
31 Dawn I am corrupt, honestly! Civil Services Syed Saadat 20.1.11 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Civil services\I am corrupt, honestly! by Syed Saadat, Dawn, 20.1.11.doc
32 Daily Time Historical amnesia: the shadow of the 60s Civil Rights Robert J Samuelson 18.1.11 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Civil services\Civil Society\Historical amnesia the shadow of the 60s by Robert J. Samuelson, Daily Times, 18.1.11.doc
33 Dawn Saving the steel frame Civil Services Syed Anwar Mahmood 8.2.11 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Civil services\Saving the steel frame by Syed Anwar Mahmood, Dawn, 8.2.11.doc
34 Dawn Nostalgia for the Raj Civil Services Kunwar Idris 9.4.11 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Civil services\Nostalgia for the Raj by Kunwar Idris.Dawn,9.4.11.doc
35 Dawn Squares pegs,round holes Civil Services Syed Saadat 11.4.11 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Civil services\Squares pegs.round holes by Syed Saadat.Dawn.11.4.11.doc
36 Dawn More power or more money? Civil Services Syed Saadat 14.11.11 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Civil services\More power or more money by Syed Saadat, Dawn, 14.11.11.doc
37 Daily Times Secrets of Shahi Mohalla Culture-Pakistan Afrah Jamal 11.2.12 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Civil services\Secrets of Shahi Mohalla by Afrah Jamal, Daily Times, 11.2.12.doc
38 Dawn Conduct of civil servents Civil Services Ismail Khan 18-5-2012 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Civil services\Conduct of civil servants by Ismail Khan,Dawn,18-5-2012.doc
39 Dawn Going around in circles Civil Services Syed Saadat 1/1/2012 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Civil services\Going around in circles by Syed Saadat,Dawn,1-01-2012.doc
40 Dawn Irregular inductions Civil Services Syed Saadat 5/4/2013 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Civil services\Irregular inductions by Syed Saadat,Dawn,05-04-2013.doc
41 Dawn civil servicesreforms needed Civil Services Syed Saadat 21-5-2013 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Civil services\Civil service reforms needed by Syed Saadat,Dawn,21-5-2013.doc
42 The News Reforming the civil service Civil Services Nadeem Ul Haq 28/3/2015 W:\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Civil services\Reforming the civil service, by Nadeem ul Haque, The News, 28.3.15.doc
43 Daily Times Civil-milatary relations post-dharna Civil Services Dr Ejaz Hussain 22/08/2015 W:\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Civil services\Civil-military relations post-dharna,Daily Times,Dr Ejaz Hussain,22-08-2015.doc
44 Dawn Bureaucrats under stress Civil Services I A Rehman 26/11/2020 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Civil services\Bureaucrats under stress.docx
45 Dawn into the sunset Civil Services F S Aijazuddin 11/2/2021 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Civil services\Into the sunset.docx
46 The News Decentralization and service delivery Civil Services Foqia Sadiq khan 15/2/2021 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Civil services\Decentralization and service delivery Foqia Sadiq Khan.docx
47 Dawn Of civil services reform Civil Services I A Rehman 18/2/2021 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Civil services\Of civil services reform.docx
48 Dawn Elusive change Civil Services Syed Saadat 21/2/2021 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Civil services\Elusive change.docx
49 The News A pakistani CSS model Civil Services Ahsan Jehangir Khan 4/3/2021 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Civil services\A Pakistani CSS model Ahsan Jehangir Khan.docx
50 The News Civil service reforms Civil Services Foqia Sadiq khan 13/3/2021 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Civil services\Civil service reforms Foqia Sadiq Khan.docx
51 The Nation The celebrity twitter civil servant Civil Services Salman Masood 4/5/2021 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Civil services\The celebrity Twitter civil servant.docx
52 The Nation Ending the diarchy in civil services Civil Services Elf Habib 13/7/2021 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Civil services\Ending the diarchy in civil services.docx