Sr No. Newspaper Title (of Article)  Subject Author/Writer  DOP Article Reference 
1 Dawn Kurds: a valiant people Central Asia Anwar Syed 7/5/2006 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Central Asia\Kurds a valiant people by Anwar Syed.Dawn,07-05-2006.doc
2 Dawn Fear and repression rule Myanmar Central Asia John Aglionby 26-05-2006 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Central Asia\Fear and repression rule Myanmar,by Johan Aglionby,Dawn,26-05-2006.doc
3 Dawn Remembering Asia’s Mandela Central Asia Timothy Garton Ash 16-05-2006 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Central Asia\Remembering Asia,s mandela,by Timothy Garton Ash,Dawn,16-06-2006.doc
4 Daily Times Central Asia rediscovers its Muslim roots Central Asia Maria Golovnina  18-06-2006 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Central Asia\Centeral Asia rediscovers its Muslims roots,by Maria Golovnina,Daily Time,18-06-2006.doc
5 Daily Times China-Southeast Asia's new best friend Central Asia Tyler Marshall 18-06-2006 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Central Asia\China Southeast Asia,s new best friend,by Tyler Marshall,Daily Time,18-06-2006.pdf
6 Daily Times Japan — the world’s oldest country Central Asia Harumi Ozawa 1/7/2006 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Central Asia\Japan-the world,s oldest country,by Harumi Ozawa,Daily Time,01-07 -  2006.doc
7 Daily Times North Korea and Asia’s widening arms race  Central Asia Hideaki Kaneda 14-07-2006 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Central Asia\North Korea and Asia,s widening arms race,by Hideaki Kaneda,Daily Time,14-07-2006.doc
8 Daily Times US strategic priorities shifting in Central Asia Central Asia Stephen Blank 27-03-04 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Central Asia\US strategic priorities shifting in Central  by Asia Stephen Blank  Daily Time 27-3-04.pdf
9 Daily Times The time is ripe to make a stand on Uzbekistan Central Asia Jim Lobe 2/4/2004 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Central Asia\The Time is ripe to make a stand on Uzbekistan by Jim Lobe 2-4-04.pdf
10 Frintior post Economic perceptions of CARS Central Asia Khalid Khokhar 3/1/2004 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Central Asia\Economic Perceptions of CARS by Khalid Khokhar The Frintier post 3-1-2004.pdf
11 Daily Times Russian and china shifting the geopolitical
balance in Central asia
Central Asia Sergel Blagov 06-07- ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Central Asia\Russia and china shifting the geopolitical balnce in central Asia,by Sergei Biagoy,Daily Time,.pdf
12 Nation Who is next to fall in Centrai Asia Central Asia 2/4/2005 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Central Asia\Who is next to fall in central Asia,Nation,02-04-2005.pdf
13 Daily Times Kyrgyz terror probe complication Central Asia Alisher Khamidov  14-12-2004 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Central Asia\Kygyz terror probe complications,by Alisher khamidov,D. Time,14-12-2004.pdf
14 Dawn Outcome of Ukraine crisis crucial for Europe's future Central Asia David Aaronovitch 29-11-2004 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Central Asia\Outcome of ukraine crisis crucial for Europe,s future,Dawn,29-11-2004.pdf
15 Dawn US games in Central Asia Central Asia Vladimir Radyuhin 1/2/2005 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Central Asia\US games in centrel Asia,by Viadimir Radyuhin,Dawn,01-02-2005.pdf
16 Daily Times Central Asia's revolution of clashing colours Central Asia Daan Van der schriek 26-3-2005 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Central Asia\Central  Asia,s revolution ofclashing colours,by Daan van der schriek,Daily Time,26-03-2005.pdf
17 Daily Times Russia fails the diplomatic test in Kyrgyzstan Central Asia Kim Murphy 27-3-2005 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Central Asia\Russia fails the diplomatic test in kyrgyzstan,by Kim  Murphy,Daily Time,27-07-2005.pdf
18 Dawn Perils of perestroika Central Asia Mahir Ali 30-3-2005 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Central Asia\Perils of perestroika,by Mahir Ali,Dawn,30-03-2005.pdf
19 The News China,Central Asia and Gwadar seaport Central Asia Maqsudul Hasan Nuri 28-7-2002 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Central Asia\China central Asia and Gawdar seaport,by Maqsudul Hasan Nuri,Dawn,28-07-2002.pdf
20 The News The pipeline diplomacy Central Asia Maqsudul Hasan Nuri 20-05-2002 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Central Asia\The pipeline diplomacy,by Maqsudul  Hasan Nuri. The News. 20-05-2002.pdf
21 Daily Times Central Asia once again on Indian's diplomatic map Central Asia J.N Dixit 18-11-2003 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Central Asia\Central Asia once again on India,s diplomatic map,by J.N.Dixit,Daily Time,18-11-2003.pdf
22 Nation India's advance in Central Asia Central Asia Aziz-Ud-Din-Ahmad 20-11-2003 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Central Asia\India,s advance in Central Asia,by Aziz ud Din Ahmad,Nation,20-11-2003.pdf
23 The News Russian and the Indo-Pak tangle Central Asia Pervaiz iqbal Cheema 16-2-2003 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Central Asia\Russia and the Indo-Pak tangle,by Pervaiz Iqbal Cheema,News,16-02-2006.pdf
24 The News Dhaka-Delhi war of worda Central Asia Dr.Moonis Ahmad 18-2-2003 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Central Asia\Dhaka Delhi War of words,by Dr Mooins Ahmar,News,18-02-2003.pdf
25 Frintior post A strategic reversal for American's in Central Asia Central Asia Abdullah Al Madani 9/8/2005 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Central Asia\A Strategic reversal for Americans in Central Asia by Abdullah Madani. F.Post, 9-8-05.pdf
26 Daily Times After Andijan massacre, Uzbekistan launches
media war on America
Central Asia Shawn T Lyons 21-8-2005 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Central Asia\After Andijan massacr, Uzbekistan launches media war on America by Shawn Lyons. D.Times, 21-8-05..pdf
27 Dawn Power play in Central Asia Central Asia Tariq Fatemi 22-8-2005 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Central Asia\Power play in Central Asia by Tariq Fatemi. Dawn, 22-8-05..pdf
28 Frintior post Kyrgyzstan:What does the future hold? Central Asia Saad.s. Khan 28-07-2005 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Central Asia\Kyrgyzstan What does the future hold  by Saad Khan. F.Post. 28-7-05..pdf
29 Dawn Great Games heating in Central Asia Central Asia Anwar Iqbal 5/9/2005 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Central Asia\Great Game Heating up in Central Asia by Anwar Iqbal. Dawn,  5-8-05.pdf
30 Frintior post The battle for Central Asia Central Asia Ghulam Asghar Khan 5/9/2006 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Central Asia\The Battle for Central Asia by Ghulam Asghar. F. Post, 5-8-05..pdf
31 The News A better society: Japan Central Asia Japan Times 23-11-2006 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Central Asia\A better society . The News. 23-11-2006.doc
32 Daily Times Great powers cast bids for strategic Central Asia Central Asia Sebastian Smith 20-08-07 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Central Asia\Great powers cast bids for strategic Central Asia,by Sebastian Smith,Daily Time,20-08-2007.doc
33 Daily Times The new 'great game' for Central Asian riches Central Asia Douglas Birch 18-12-07 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Central Asia\The new 'great game' for cetral Asian,by Douglas Birch,Daily Time,18-12-2007.pdf
34 Daily Times Is Central Asia preparing for a new dawn? Central Asia M K Bhadrakumar 01.01.2010 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Central Asia\Is Central Asia preparing for a new dawn by M K Bhadrakumar,Daily Times,01.01.2010.doc
35 Daily Times US reaps bitter harvest from "Tulip" revolution Central Asia M K Bhadrakumar 10.04.2010 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Central Asia\US reap bitter harvest from tulip revolution by Bhadrakumar,Daily Times,10.04.2010.doc
36 Daily Times China plays it cool on Kyrgyzstan Central Asia M K Bhadrakumar 20.04.2010 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Central Asia\China plays it cool on Kyrgyzstan by bhandrakumar,Daily Times,20.04.2010.doc
37 Daily Times The lessons of the Kyrgz revolution Central Asia Yevgeny Bazhanov 26.04.2010 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Central Asia\The Lessons of the Kyrgyz Revolution by Yevgeny,Daily Times,26.04.2010.doc
38 Daily Times The next round to the "Great Game" Central Asia Richard Lourie 12.05.2010 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Central Asia\The Next Round of the Great Game by Richard,Daily Times,12.05.2010.doc
39 Daily Times Indian's interest in Afghanistan and Central Asia Central Asia Aasia Ahmed 24-10-2019 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Central Asia\Indian interest in Afghanistan and central Asia by Aasia Ahmed,24-10-2019, Daily Times.docx
40 Daily Times Uzbekistan in UNHRC Central Asia M Asif Noor 2/3/2021 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Central Asia\Uzbekistan in UNHRC.docx
41 The News Pakistan-Uzbekistan: for a brighter future  Central Asia Syed Ali Asad 15/7/2021 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Central Asia\Pakistan-Uzbekistan for a brighter future Syed Ali Asad Gillani.docx
42 The News Soviet memories IV Central Asia Dr Nazir Mahmood 6/9/2021 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Central Asia\Soviet memories (Part - IV).docx