Sr No. Newspaper Title (of Article)  Subject Author/Writer  DOP Article Reference 
16 Dawn  No space for GB on CPEC table CPEC Afzal A Shigri  11/1/2016 Pak Economic Corridor  CPEC\No space for GB on CPEC,by Afzal a Shigri, Dawn, 11-01-2016.doc
9 Dawn  A Welcome CPEC Benefit CPEC Abbas Nasir 18-3-2017 Pak Economic Corridor  CPEC\A welcome CPEC benefit 17, by Abbas Nasir, Dawn, 18.3.2017.doc
19 The News The Baloch promise  CPEC Amir Hussain  23-02-2017 Pak Economic Corridor  CPEC\The Baloch promise by Amir Hussain, The News, 23-02-2017.doc
10 Dawn  CPEC and industrial policy by Azam Amjad Chaudhry CPEC Azam Amjad  28-2-2017 Pak Economic Corridor  CPEC\CPEC and industrial policy by Azam Amjad Chaudhry, Dawn, 28-02-2017.doc
12 Dawn  CPEC plan details still awaited  CPEC khurram Husain  21-12-2017 Pak Economic Corridor  CPEC\CPEC plan details still awaited,by Khurram Husain ,21,.doc
14 Daily Time  Don’t let corruption taint CPEC CPEC Imtiaz Gul  14-12-2017 Pak Economic Corridor  CPEC\Don't let corruption taint CPEC, by Imtiaz Gul, Daily Pakistan, 14.12.2017.doc
15 The News Nawaz, Panama and CPEC CPEC Saleem Safi 24-7-2017 Pak Economic Corridor  CPEC\Nawaz Panama and CPEC, Saleem Safi, The News, 24-7-17.doc
13 The Nation  CPEC the game changer for Pakistan CPEC Sajjad Haider 31-7-2018 Pak Economic Corridor  CPEC\CPEC the game changer for Pakistan, by Sajjad Haider, The Nation, 31.7.2018.docx
17 The News Oh, CPEC CPEC Tallat Hussain  30-7-2018 Pak Economic Corridor  CPEC\Oh, CPEC, by Tallat Hussain, The News, 30.7.2018.docx
18 The News Operation blue CPEC Hassan Daud  16-8-2018 Pak Economic Corridor  CPEC\Operation blue, by Hassan Daud, The News, 16.8.2018.docx
11 Dawn  CPEC and the Great Game CPEC Munir Akram  17-9-2018 Pak Economic Corridor  CPEC\CPEC and the Great Game, by Munir Akram, Dawn, 17.9.18.docx
20 The News CPEC's new triumph  CPEC Shaukat Khattak 14-1-2019 CPEC  14-1-2019 the news.jpg
5 Dawn  CPEC and Balochistan  China pak Relation 12/12/2018 CPEC (2).jpg
3 The Nation  Good news for CPEC China pak Relation Andrew Korybko 1/11/2018 CPEC.docx
2 Dawn  CPEC on the Pivot  China pak Relation khurram Husain  13-12-2018 CPEC.jpg
4 The Express Tribune  Balochistan’s CPEC share China pak Relation 24-12-2018 Balochistan and CPE.docx
7 THE EXPRESS TRIBUNE Pakistan to pay China ………. CPEC Shahbaz Rana 26-12-2018 CPEC Pakistan to pay China.docx
6 THE EXPRESS TRIBUNE Govt to provide forex for CPEC debt repayment China pak Relation Shahbaz Rana 28-12-2018 Govt to provide forex for CPEC debt repayment CEPC.docx
1 The Nation  CPEC in 2019 China pak Relation Yasir Habib Khan  29-12-2018 CPEC in 2019 29-12-2018 the nation.docx
8 The Nation  Sabotaging CPEC: An Indo-US ploy? CPEC Mohsin Raza Malik  2/1/2019 CPEC the nation 2-1-2019.docx
21 The Nation  CPEC -What Next ? CPEC Dr Kamal Monnoo  16-1-2019 CPEC 16-1-2019 the nation.docx
22 Dawn  Realising CPEC's potential  CPEC Faizaan Qayyum 27-1-2019 CPEC dawn 27-1-2019.docx
23 Daily Time  Sensitizing university youth about CPEC CPEC Dr.Ejaz Hussain  11/2/2019 CPEC dailytime 11-2-2019.jpg
24 Daily Times CPEC and china pakistan knowledge corridor CPEC China Pakistan Economic Corridor  Prof.Dr Attaullah shah 6/2/2021 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\CPEC China Pakistan Economic Corridor\CPEC and China Pakistan Knowledge Corridor.docx
25 Dawn CPEC and multiculturalism CPEC China Pakistan Economic Corridor  M. Amir Ranan 7/2/2021 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\CPEC China Pakistan Economic Corridor\CPEC and multiculturalism.docx