Sr No. Newspaper Title (of Article)  Subject Author/Writer  DOP Article Reference 
1 Dawn The west can not save Africa Africa William Easterly 15-02-2006 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\The West Can'tsave Africa,Dawn.Feb.15.2006.doc
2 Daily Times It's hell in Darfur but is it genocide Africa Michael Clough 15-05-2006 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\It's hell in Darfur but is it genocide by michael Clough.daily Times.15-05-2006.pdf
3 Dawn It’s oil, not genocide, in Darfur Africa Karamatullah Ghori 20-05-2006 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\It,s oil not genocide in darfur,by Karamatullah K.Ghori,Dawn,20-05-2006.doc
4 Dawn Regime change in Mogadishu Africa Mahir Ali 28-06-2006 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Regime change in Mogadishu,by Mahir Ali,Dawn,28-06-2006.doc
5 Dawn Militant Islam in Somalia Africa Najum Mushtaq 27-07-2006 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Militant Islam in Somalia,by Najmu Mushtaq,Dawn,27-07-2006.doc
6 Dawn Our 'Africa' lenses Africa Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie 14-11-2006 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Our Africa lenses by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Daily Times. 14-11-2006.pdf
7 Daily Times Educating for peace  Africa Saleem H Ali 9/6/2007 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Education fpr peace,by Saleem H Ali,Daily Time,09-06-2007.doc
8 Daily Times The scramble for Africa's oil Africa Christopher Thompson 21-06-07 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\The scramble for Arrica,s oil,by Christopher Thompson,Daily Time,21-06-2007.pdf
9 Dawn South Africa: the struggle continue Africa Mahir Ali 27-12-07 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\South Africa. the struggle continues,by Mahir Ali,Dawn,26-12-2007.doc
10 Dawn Diplomatic push to end ethnic strife in Kenya Africa 3/1/2008 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Diplomatic push to end ethnic strife in Kenya.,Dawn,03-01-2008.doc
11 Dawn Kenya: hope and betrayal Africa Gwynne Dyer 7/1/2008 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Kenya hope and betrayal by Gwynne Dyer, Dawn, 7-1-08.doc
12 Dawn Violence in Kenya Africa 6/1/2008 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Violence in Kenya, Dawn, 6-1-08.doc
13 Dawn Kenya's journey to the brink Africa Mahir Ali 9/1/2008 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Kenya's journey to the brink,by Mahir Ali,Dawn,09-01-2008.doc
14 Daily Times Kenya's real problem Africa M. Steven Fish 10/1/2008 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Kenya's real problem,by M Steven Fish,10-01-2008.doc
15 Dawn Kenya violence reveals deep social, ethnic divide Africa Barry Moody 11/1/2008 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Kenya violence reveals deep social ethnic divide by Barry Moody, Dawn, 11-1-08.doc
16 Dawn 250,000 homeless in Kenya Africa 26-1-08 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\250,000 homless in Kenya,Dawn,26-01-2008.doc
17 Daily Times Why Kenya is burning Africa Faryal Virk 4/2/2008 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Why Kenya is burning by Faryal Virk,Daily Time,04-02-2008.doc
18 Dawn South Africa today: 'There's racism, but not in public' Africa Chris McGreal 10/3/2008 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\South Africa today'There's racism,but not in public by Chris Mc Greal,Dawn,10-03-2008.doc
19 Dawn The re-liberation of Zimbabwe Africa Mahir Ali 2/7/2008 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\The re-liberation of Zimbabwe by Mahir Ali,Daily Time,02-07-2008.doc
20 Dawn The colour blind rainbow Africa F.S. Aijazuddin 5/7/2008 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\The colour blind rainbow by F.s.Aijazuddin,Dawn,05-07-2008.doc
21 Daily Times East Africa drought leaves million hungry in fifth year Africa Frank Nyakariu 30.09.2009 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\East Africa drought leaves millions hungry in fifth year by Frank Nyakairu,Daily Times,30.09.2009.doc
22 Daily Times Ethopia, malnutrition & climate change Africa Bjorn Lomborg 17.11.2009 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Ethiopia,malnutrition and climaye change by Bjorn Lomborg,Daily Times,17.11.2009.doc
23 Daily Times Violence,fear & confusion: welcome to the Horn of Africa Africa Peter Beaumont 11.01.2010 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Violence,fear and Peter,Daily Times,11.01.2010.doc
24 Dawn Southern Sudan prepares for freedom Africa Xan Rice 01.04.2010 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Southern Sudan prepares for freedom by Xan,Dawn,01.04.2010.doc
25 Dawn Oil factor in the Sudan conflict African-Sudan Tayyab Siddiqui 12.12.10 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Oil factor in the Sudan conflict by Tayyab Siddiqui, Dawn, 12.12.10.doc
26 Daily Times Algeria's rioters may not rest for long African-Algeria Mohamed Ben Madani 17.1.11 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Algeria's rioters may not rest for long by Mohamed Ben Madani, Daily Times, 17.1.11.doc
27 Daily Times Tunisia's uncertain revolution Africa-Tunisia Anne Applebaum 18.1.11 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Tunisia's uncertain revolution by Anne Applebaum, Daily Times 18.1.11.doc
28 Daily Times Tunisia's revolution and Twitter or WikiLeaks Africa-Tunisia-Revolution Timothy Garton Ash 22.1.11 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Tunisia's revolution and Twitter or WikiLeaks by Timothy Garton Ash, Daily  Times, 22.1.11.doc
29 Dawn Two decades on, no end in sight for Somali conflict Africa-Somalia Helen Vesperini 27.1.11 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Two decades on, no end in sight for somali conflict by Helen Vesperini, Dawn, 27.1.11.doc
30 Dawn The war against Libya Africa Libya-Military Invasion I.A.Rehman 7.4.11 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\The war against Libya by I.A. Rehman, Dawn, 7.4.11.doc
31 Daily Times After Gbagbo, what next for Ivory Coast? Africa-Ivory Coast Adekeye Adebajo 7.4.11 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\After Gbagbo, what next for Ivory Coast by Adekeye Adebajo, Daily Times, 7.4.11.doc
32 Daily Times Why oil companies decided Gaddafi has to go Africa Jean-pierr sereni 9.4.11 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Why the Oil Companies Decided Qaddafi Has to Go by Jean-pierr Sereni.Daily Times.9.4.11.doc
33 Daily Times Anti-us sentiment is rife in afghanistan and pakistan Africa  Ahmed Rashid  9.4.11 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\U.S.A\Anti-us sentiment is rife in Afghanistan and pakistan by Ahmed Rashid.Daily Times.9.4.11.doc
34 Dawn Libya and UN charter Africa  A.G.Noorani 9.4.11 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Libya and UN Charter By A.G.Noorani.Dawn,9.4.11.doc
35 Daily Times The intervation may leave libya with two states Africa  Stephen Shalom 2.4.11 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\'The intervation may leave Libya with two states'  by Stephen Shalom.DailyTimes.2.4.11.doc
36 Daily Times Operation Libyan freedom Africa  Harlan Ullman 14.4.11 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Operation Libyan freedom by Harlan Ullman.Daily Times.14.4.11.doc
37 Daily Times Libya: another neo-con war Africa-Libya-Intervention David Swanson 22.4.11 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Libya another neo-con war by David Swanson, Daily Times, 22.5.11.doc
38 Daily Times These humanitarians come to Libya with missiles, and an agenda Africa-Libya-Intervention Simon Jenkins 21.4.11 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\These humanitarians come to Libya with missiles and an agenda by Simon Jenkins, Daily Times, 21.4.11.doc
39 Daily Times NATO in Libya: a fire that could burn everyone Africa-Libya-F.Relation-NATO Fidal Castro 30.4.11 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\NATO in Libya A fire that could burn everyone by Fidal Castro, Daily Times, 30.4.11.doc
40 Daily Times As South Sudan becomes new nation, old conflicts remain Africa-Sudan Division Michael Garson 9.7.11 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\As South Sudan becomes new nation, old conflicts remain by Michael Garson, Daily Times, 9.7.11.doc
41 Daily Times Independence day for South Sudan Africa-Sudan Division Hilliary Clinton 11.7.11 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Independence Day for South Sudan by Hilliary Clinton, Daily Times, 11.7.11.doc
42 Daily Times We can't allow Somalia to starve Africa Ban Ki-moon 23.7.11 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\We can't allow Somalia to starve by Ban Ki-moon, Daily Times, 23.7.11.doc
43 Daily Times NATO in Libya has failed to learn costly lessons of Afghanistan Africa-Libya-Nato Patrick Cockburn 25.7.11 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Libya\NATO in Libya has failed to learn costly lessons of Afghanistan by Patrick Cockburn, Daily Times, 25.7.11.doc
44 Daily Times Why West is committed to murderous rebels in Libya Africa-Libya-F.Relation-West Patrick Cockburn 1.8.11 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Libya\Why the West is committed to the murderous rebels in Libya by Patrick Cockburn, DailyTimes, 1.8.11.doc
45 Daily Times Famine squeezes life out of southern Somalia Africa-Famine 13.8.11 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Famine squeezes life out of southern Somalia, Daily Times, 13.8.11.doc
46 Dawn Who are Libyan rebels? Africa-Libya Martin Chulov 26.8.11 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Libya\Who are Libyan rebels by Martin chulov, Dawn ,26.8.11.doc
47 Daily Times A peek at the new Libya Africa-Libya Pepe Escobar 22.10.11 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Libya\A peek at the new Libya by Pepe Escobar, Daily Times, 22.10.11.doc
48 Daily Times With Gaddafi gone, who will run the new Libya? Africa-Libya Peter Oborne 22.10.11 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Libya\With Gaddafi gone, who will run the new Libya by Peter Oborne, Daily Times, 22.10.11.doc
49 Dawn A Libyan tragedy Africa-Libya-Uprising I.A.Rehman 27.10.11 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Libya\A Libyan tragedy by I.A.Rehman, Dawn, 27.10.11.doc
50 Dawn Libya and world order Africa-Libya-World Order A.G.Noorani 29.10.11 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Libya\Libya and world order by A.G. Noorani, Dawn, 29.10.11.doc
51 Daily Times Kenya simply can't afford to go to war with Somalia right now Africa-Kenya Nanjala Nyabola 29.10.11 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Kenya simply can't afford to go to war with Somalia right now by Nanjala Nyabola, Daily Times, 29.10.11.doc
52 Daily Times NATO settles down in Libya Africa-Libya MK Bhadrakumar 1.11.11 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Libya\NATO settles down in Libya by MK Bhadrakumar, Daily Times, 1.11.11.doc
53 Dawn Tunisians impatient for reaping the harvest of revolution Africa-Tunisians-Uprising Christian Lowe 24.11.11 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Tunisians impatient for reaping the harvest of revolution by Christian Lowe, Dawn, 24.11.11.doc
54 The Nation Tunisia's new beginning Africa-Tunisia-Uprising Souad Abdel Rahim 24.11.11 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Tunisia's new beginning by Souad Abdel Rahim, The Nation, 24.11.11.doc
55 Daily Times Destination Europe the sahara desert's forgotten refugees Africa-Refugees Horand Knaup 4/7/2012 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Destination Europe The Sahara Desert's forgotten refugees by Horand Knaup,Daily Times,4-7-2012 PartII.doc
56 Daily Times Destination Europe the sahara desert's forgotten refugees Africa-Refugees Horand Knaup 4/7/2012 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Destination Europe The Sahara Desert's forgotten refugees by Horand Knaup,Daily Times,4-7-2012,part I.doc
57 Dawn Toward Food Soverigty Africa Zubedida Mustafa 29-2-2004 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\AG177.PDF
58 Dawn Politics of Food and Coperate Farming Africa Najma Sadque 25-1-2005 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\AG178.PDF
59 Daily Times Look Africa but How?  Africa Shakeel Ahmad Ramay 31/1/2020 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Look Africa but How, Shakeel Ahmad Ramay, January 31, 2020, dailytimes.docx
60 Pakistan Sweden Main Army and Nazriyat Politics, Kowat ka Ithad Africa M Yehya 15/11/ ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Sweden Main Army and Nazriyat Politics, Kowat ka Ithad, M Yehya, pakistan, 15 11.pdf
61 Nowaye Waqat Fiji k buhran ka pasay manzar Africa Saeed Sabat Al Hassan Zagham 8/7/ ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Fiji k Buhran ka Pasay Manzar, Saeed Sabat al hassan Zagham, nowaye waqat 8,7.pdf
62 Nowaye Waqat Fiji main Iqtadar ki Rasa Kashi Africa Col Ghulam Sarwar 8-Sep ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Fiji main Aqtadar ki Rasa Kashi , Col Ghulam Sarwar, 9 8.pdf
63 Khabrain Darfar main moat k khilaf jung Africa Colan Paul 7/8/ ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Darfar main moat k Khilaf Jung , Colan Pawal , Khabray, 7 8.pdf
64 Nowaye Waqat Darfar Sweden main puranay samrajiyo ka naya mohaz Africa Dr Zahoor 4/8/2004 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Darfar Swedan main puranay samrajio ka naya mohaz, Dr Zahoor, Nowaye Waqat, 4 8 004.pdf
65 Darfar Buhran: Sweden par Magribi Istamaar ki Yalghar Africa Prof.Nazir Ahmed Bhatti ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Darfar Buhran, Swedan par Magribi Istmar ki Yalgaar, Prof. Nazir ahmed bhatti.pdf
66 Massacre in Rwanda Africa ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Massacre in Rwanda.PDF
67 Dawn The Cycle of Violence Africa Cameron Duodu 25/5/1995 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\The cycle of violence, cameron Duodu, Dawn 25,5,1995.PDF
68 Rwandan exiles flee new massacres Africa David Orr 7/4/1995 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Rwandan exiles flee new massacres, David orr, 7 4 1995.PDF
69 African Tragedy Africa 5/4/1995 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\African tragedy 5 4 1995.PDF
70 End Rwandan's Exile, and Halt Relief Aid to Zaire Africa Jim Hoagland 28/8/1995 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\End Rwandan's Exile, and Halt Relief Aid to Zaire, Jim Hoagland , 28,8,1995.PDF
71 Dawn Limiting arms Sales to Africa Africa Jonathan Power 30/7/2010 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Limitig arms sales to africa, jonathan power, DAwn, 30,7,2010.PDF
72 The Foreign Post Zaire's veteran rebel may have last laugh Africa 15/4/1993 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Zaire's veteran rebel may have last laugh..PDF
73 Tutsi and Hutu test world's stomach again Africa Michela Wrong 6/4/1995 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Tutsi and Hutu test worlds's stomach again, Michela wrong.PDF
74 Dawn Sudan feels west,s growing heat Africa Douglas jehl  2/3/1996 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Sudan feels west's growing heath, douglas jehl.PDF
75 Herald Tribune Chad: Every silver lining has a cloud Africa 12/6/1996 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Chad every silver lining has a cloud 12 6 1996.PDF
76 The Foreign Post An African crisis in a cold world Africa 9/11/1996 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\An African crisis in an cold world, the f. post, 9 11 1996.PDF
77 Gloom over the third world is overdone Africa 26/10/1996 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Gloom over the third world is overdone, argues bruce clark order amid the chaos, 26 10 96.PDF
78 Dawn West's failure in Africa Africa Martin woollacott 6/8/1996 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\west's failure in africa, martin woollacott, dawn, 6 8 96.PDF
79 Financial Time Bloodbath in burundi Africa 26/7/1996 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Bloodbath in burundi , 26 7 96.PDF
80 Herald Tribune A un role in burundi Africa 29/7/1996 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\A un role in Burundi, 29 7 96.PDF
81 Herald Tribune Burudi's Lethal Spiral Africa 26/7/1996 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Burundi's lethal spiral.PDF
82 The Foreign Post After genocide in Rwanda a predictable crisis of impunity  Africa Iain Guest 17/11/1996 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\After genocide in Rwanda, a predictable crisis of imunity,.PDF
83 Broken Heart of Africa Africa Michela Wrong 16/11/1996 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Broken Heart of Africa , Michela wrong.PDF
84 The Foreign Post Racism thrives on the blind side in South Africa Africa 3/3/1997 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Racism thrives on the blind side in south Africa, the foreign post.PDF
85 Sudan: Target sequel to gulf War Africa General Mirza Aslam Baig ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Sudan Target sequel to gulf war, general mirza aslam baig.PDF
86 The Final dance of violence in Algeria Africa Azzyani Zubair 7/3/1997 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\the final dance of violence in algeria 7 3 97.PDF
87 The Muslim Major Powers growing interest in Africa II Africa Col(rtd) Ghulam Serwar ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Major powers growing interest in africa II.PDF
88 The Muslim Nigeria's economic development Africa Col(rtd) Ghulam Serwar 9/3/1997 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Nigeria's economic development.PDF
89 Dawn The coming civil war in Zaire Africa Jonathan Power 23/4/1997 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\the coming civil war in zaire,.PDF
90 Dawn Option before mobutu Africa 23/4/1997 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\option before mobutu, dawn.PDF
91 The Muslim  Cleansing fundamentalism from the horn of Africa Africa 24/4/1997 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\cleansing fundamentalism from the horn africa. the muslim.PDF
92 Dawn Exit friendly tyrant Africa Eqbal Ahmad 27/4/1997 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Exit friendly tyrant.PDF
93 Dawn Zaire: The final wave Africa M.Sahnoun 1/5/1997 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Zaire the final wave.PDF
94 The Muslim Sudan target of foreign aggression Africa Col Ghulam Sarwar 29/4/1997 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Sudan target of foreign aggression.PDF
95 The Foreign Post Zaire on the brink Africa 6/5/1997 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\zaire on the brink.PDF
96 Zaire light and shadow Africa ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\zaire light and shadow.PDF
97 The Muslim US role in sponsoring terrorism in Nigeria Africa 8/5/1997 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\us role in sponsoring terrorism in nigeria.PDF
98 The Muslim Resolving Algerian Issue through elections Africa Dr Jassim Taqui 9/5/1997 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Resolving algerian issue through elections.PDF
99 The Foreign Post Moulded by the US Africa 11/5/1997 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\moulded by the us.PDF
100 Zaire fight to the finish Africa ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Zaire fight to the finish.PDF
101 The Foreign Post Zaire'sTurmoil invites an African solution Africa Basil Davidson 12/5/1997 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Zaire 's turmoil invites an african solution.PDF
102 Dawn Mobutu: A CIA made disaster Africa Anthony Lewis 14/5/1997 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\mobutu a cia made disaster.PDF
103 The Nation Crises and Turmoil in Algeria Africa 14/5/1997 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\crises and turmoil in algeria.PDF
104 What next in Congo/Zaire? Africa ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\what next in congo zaire.PDF
105 The Foreign Post How Mobutu looted billions from the Zairean people Africa Mark Milner 25/5/1997 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\how mobutu looted billions from the zairean people.PDF
106 Somalia the land of Chaos and confusion Africa ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Somalia the land of chaos and confusion.PDF
107 The Foreign Post Proxy war against Sudan Africa 26/5/1997 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Proxy war against sudan,.PDF
108 The Frontier Post The name game Africa 6/6/1997 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\the name game.PDF
109 The Muslim Zaire a victim of self interests Africa Syed Masroor Sabir 9/6/1997 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\zaire a victim of self interests.PDF
110 The Frontier Post Forbidding terrain of the Congo hides a new ethnic bloodbath Africa G. Mcneil Jr 9/6/1997 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\forbidding terrain of the congo hides a new ethnic bloodbath.PDF
111 The News End of the dark night in Congo  Africa Zawwar khan 13/6/1997 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\End of the dark night in congo.PDF
112 The Foreign Post Overkill in africa Africa Edward mortimer 26/6/1997 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\overkill in africa.PDF
113 Dawn Nigeria's sham democracy Africa Martin woollacott 11/2/1997 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Nigeria sham democracy.PDF
114 The Muslim Eritrea a handy gadget in us hands Africa Col Ghulam Sarwar ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Eritrea a handy gadget in us hands.PDF
115 Dawn Algeria's unending tragedy Africa Eqbal Ahmad 23/9/1997 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Algeria unending tragedy.PDF
116 The Muslim Wave of genocide in Zaire Africa Col Ghulam Sarwar 11/10/1997 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\wave of genocide in zaire.PDF
117 Africa what the united states is promoting Africa Scott Nathanson ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Africa what the united states is promoting.PDF
118 Kenya Polls Glimmer of hoe in Africa's slide away from freedom Africa Pual vallely 31/12/1997 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Kenya Polls Glimmer of hope in africa 's slide away from freedom.PDF
119 Dawn Mandela's tryst with truth Africa Karamatullah Ghori 10/1/1998 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Mandela 's tryst with truth.PDF
120 The News A way out for Africa Africa F.W. De Klerk 8/1/1998 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\A way out for africa.PDF
121 The Nation Sudan's struggle for success Africa Mirza Aslam Baig ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Sudan's struggle for success.PDF
122 Dawn Algeria cannot be left alone Africa Flora Lewis 3/1/1998 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Algeria cannot be left alone.PDF
123 Dawn The problem is unhumanity Africa Edward Said 4/1/1998 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\the problem is unhumanity.PDF
124 Dawn As massacres continue Africa Sharmeen obaid 13/7/1998 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\As massacres continue.PDF
125 Dawn The underground press in Nigeria Africa James Rupert 17/7/1998 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\The underground press in Nigeria.PDF
126 Dawn Hazy prospects in Nigeria Africa 12/7/1998 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Hazy prospects in Nigeria.PDF
127 Dawn Sudan on the brink of famine Africa Sharmeen obaid 20/8/1998 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Sudan on the brink of famine.PDF
128 Sudan: the double imperative Africa Kofi A Annan 27/8/1998 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Sudan the double imperative.PDF
129 Dawn Annan warms to an Africa role Africa Salim Lone  28/8/1998 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Annan warms to an africa role.PDF
130 The News Unspeakable fear Africa Justin Cartwright 31/8/1998 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Unspeakable fear.PDF
131 Dawn Ethnic cataclysm looms in Congo Africa Victoria Brittain 7/9/1998 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Ethnic cataclysm looms in congo.PDF
132 The Nation S. Africa's contradictory transition Africa 4/5/1999 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\S.Africa's contradictory transition, nation , 4 5 1199.PDF
133 Dawn Hope returns to Algeria Africa Eqbal Ahmad 28/3/1999 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Hope returns to Algeria, Eqbal Ahmad , 28 3 1199 dawn.PDF
134 Dawn Algeria's resurgent violence  Africa 25/11/1999 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Algeria's resurgent violence , dawn 25 11 99.PDF
135 The Nation Ethiopia's famine Africa 18/4/2000 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Ethiopia's famine, nation 18 4 2000.PDF
136 Dawn UN is battling for itself Africa Sierra Leone 29/5/2000 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\UN is battling for itself , 29 5 00 , dawn sierra leone.PDF
137 Dawn The diamonds war Africa Cesar Chelala 26/4/2000 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\The diamonds war, Cesar Chelala, dawn , 26 4 00.PDF
138 Dawn Africa not all hopes are lost Africa Callisto Madavo 27/6/2000 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\africa not all hopes are lost, callisto Madavo , dawn 27 6 00.PDF
139 The News The shambles in Sierra Leone Africa Brian Cloughley 1/6/2000 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\The shambles in Sierra Leone, brian cloughley , the news 1 6 00.PDF
140 The News Chaos in Sierra Leone Africa Brian Cloughley 9/9/2000 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Chaos in Sierra Leone, Brian Cloughley, the news 9 9 00.PDF
141 Dawn Africa's 40 years o misery Africa Noel Tadegno 11/9/2000 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Africa's 40 years of misery, dawn , Noel Tadegno, 11 9 00.PDF
142 Dawn What's behind Africa's diamond war Africa Ashfak Bokhari 8/7/2000 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\What 's behind Africa's 'diamond war' Ashfak Bokhari, Dawn 8 7 00.PDF
143 An encounter in Fiji Africa ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\An encounter in Fiji.PDF
144 The News Ethnic coups in Fiji  Africa Dr iffat S Malik 12/7/2000 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Ethnic coups in Fiji, Dr iffat S Malik, news 12 7 00.PDF
145 Dawn After Rwanda , the world is not same Africa Stephen Lewis 16/7/2000 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\After Rwanda, the world is not same, Stephen Lewis, Dawn, 16 7 00.PDF
146 Dawn Amnesty role in Africa Africa Jonathan Power 17/7/2000 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Amnesty role in Africa, Dawn , 17 7 00, jonathan power.PDF
147 Dawn For Africa, a hand up Africa KY Amoako  21/7/2000 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\For Africa, a hand up, KY Amoako, 21 7 00, News.PDF
148 Dawn Nigeria starts to move again Africa Jonathan Power 21/7/2000 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Nigeria starts to move again, Jonathan Power, dawn , 21 7 00.PDF
149 Dawn Power tussle in Fiji Africa Bob Burton 24/7/2000 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Power tussle in Fiji, dawn 24 7 00, bob burton.PDF
150 Dawn Sudan's sorrows is there a way out Africa Dr Martin Behzad 25/7/2000 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Sudan's sorrows is there a way out , dr matin behzad , dawn 25 7 00.PDF
151 Fiji for the fijians Africa Mazhar Qayyum Khan 25/7/2000 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Fiji for the Fijians, nation, mazhar qayyum khan, 25 7 00.PDF
152 The Foreign Post A counter-coup in Sudan Africa Dr Jassim Taqui 27/7/2000 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\A counter-coup in Sudan, The Foreign Post, Dr Jassim Taqui, 27 7 00.PDF
153 Dawn Limiting arms Sales to Africa Africa Jonathan Power 3/7/2000 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Limitig arms sales to africa, jonathan power, DAwn, 30,7,2010.PDF
154 Dawn A new ' Scramble for Africa Africa Ashfak Bokhari 5/8/2000 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\A new 'scramble for Africa , dawn , ashfak bokhari, 5 8 00.PDF
155 Dawn Africa lacks will to fight AIDS Africa Lewis Machipisa 11/8/2000 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Africa lacks will to fight AIDs, lewis machipisa, dawn 11 8 00.PDF
156 The News The AIDS scourge Africa Masooda Bano 12/10/2000 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\the AIDS scourge, masooda bano, the news, 12 10 00.PDF
157 The Foreign Post The Africa battle Africa Susan E Rice 14/12/2001 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\The Africa battle, susan E rice, foreign post, 14 12 2001.PDF
158 Frontier Post AIDS devastation felt far beyond Africa Africa David Wall 29/12/2001 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\AIDS devastation felt far beyond Africa, Frontier post, david wall, 29 12 2001.PDF
159 The News Mugabe's war on Africans keane Africa Fergal Keane ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Mugabe's war on africans, fergal keane, the news.PDF
160 Africa is breeding future bin ladens Africa Susan E Rice 9/2/2002 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Africa is breeding future bin ladens, susan E rice, nation 9 2 2002.PDF
161 The News The bitter colonial legacy of Africa Africa Rasul Bakhsh Rais 23/3/2002 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\the bitter colonial legacy of Africa, rasul bakhsh rais, the news , 23 3 2002.PDF
162 Promising intentions of new African union Africa Cameron Duodu 13/7/2002 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\promising intentions of new African union , cameron duodu, 13 7 2002.PDF
163 The Foreign Post Transforming OAU into African Union Africa John G nyuot Yoh 28/7/2002 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Transforming OAU into African Union - II, john G nyuot Yoh, foreign post, 28 7 2002.PDF
164 Dawn The Challenge of Johannesburg Africa Poul Nielson 26/8/2002 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\the challenge of johannesburg, poul nielson , dawn , 26 8 2002.PDF
165 The News The shaming tragedy of Africa Africa Will Hutton 26/5/2003 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\The shaming tragedy of africa, will hutton, the news 26 5 2003.PDF
166 The News A very African War Africa Dr Iffat Idris 15/6/2003 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\A very african war, dr iffat idris , the news, 15 6 2003.PDF
167 Dawn Small arms violence & future of Africa Africa Dr Salim Ahmad Salim 5/7/2003 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Small arms violence & future of Africa, dr salim ahmed salim, dawn, 5 7 2003.PDF
168 Dawn From the cradle to the grave Africa Mahir Ali 9/7/2003 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\From the cradle to the grave, dawn, 9 7 2003, mahir ali.PDF
169 Financial Time Bush is doing' many good things for Africa' - so why do africans await his visit with suspicion Africa 7/7/2003 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Bush is doing ' many good things for Africa' - so why do africans await his visit with suspicion , Financial Time, 7 7 2003.PDF
170 Bush's African Safari Africa Maqbool Ahmad Bhatty ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Bush 's African safari , maqbool ahmad bhatty,.PDF
171 Africa needs the deeds Africa Mustapha Karkouti ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Africa needs the deeds, mustapha karkouti,.PDF
172 Africa needs action, not words Africa Dr Mohammad T ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Africa needs action, not words , Dr Mohammad T.PDF
173 Daily Times Geoghraphy helps to explain Africa's woes Africa 6/8/2003 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Geography helps to explain Africa's woes , Dailytime, 6 8 2003.PDF
174 Dawn Liberia violence is the only norm Africa Shahid Hussain 9/8/2003 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Liberia violence is the only norm, shahid hussain, dawn, 9 82003.PDF
175 Daily Times Libya and lockerbie Africa 21/8/2003 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Libya and lockerbie, dailytimes, 21 8 2003,.PDF
176 When dictators escape justice Africa Dr Iffat Idris 25/8/2003 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\When dictators escape justice, dr iffat idris , 25 8 2003.PDF
177 Dawn King's dream not yet realized Africa Dr Iffat Idris 28/8/2003 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\King's dream not yet realized, dawn, 28 8 2003, dr iffat idris.PDF
178 The News African dictators Africa Burhan ud din 27/8/2003 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\African dictators, the news 27 8 2003 , Burhan ud din Hasan.PDF
179 EU takes advantage of Africa's weakness to Africa Joyee Mulama 26/8/2003 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\EU takes advantage of Africa's weakness to , 26 8 2003 , joyee mulama.PDF
180 The Frontier Post Liberia where everyone wants to be president Africa Rory Carroll 9/8/2003 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Liberia where everyone wants to be president, rory carroll, the frontier post, 9 8 3.PDF
181 Dawn Africa builds its own peace forces Africa Ernest Harsch 27/10/2003 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Africa builds its own peace forces, Ernest Harsch, 27 10 3, dawn.PDF
182 Daily Times Globalisation and africa Africa Nobbert Mao 9/11/2003 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Globalisation and africa, dailytimes, 9 11 3, nobbert mao.PDF
183 Dawn Perils of African Oil Africa Jonathan Power 9/4/2004 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\perils of african oil, jonathan power, dawn, 9 4  2004.PDF
184 Oadhafi set to cash in on his new'goodwill' Africa ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\oadhafi set to cash in on his new, goodwill,.PDF
185 The Frontier Post Sudan in the deep ravines of death Africa John Prendergast 4/8/2004 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Sudan in the deep ravines of death, john prendergast, the frontier post, 4 8 2004.PDF
186 Africa's quest for power Africa 11/8/2004 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Africa's quest for power, 11 8 2004.PDF
187 The Frontier Post No quick - fix in Sudan  Africa Peter Moszynski 1/8/2004 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\No quick - fix in Sudan.PDF
188 Daily Times Humanitarian intervention in Darfur Africa Ijaz Hussain 4/8/2004 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Humanitarian intervention in Darfur.PDF
189 Dawn Darfur needs immediate attention Africa David Aaronovitch 3/8/2004 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Darfur needs immediate attention.PDF
190 Is there hope for Darfur Africa 4/8/2004 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\is there hope for Darfur.PDF
191 Sudan hits back over Darfur Aleegations Africa Roshan Muhammad Salih ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Sudan hits back over Darful allegations.PDF
192 The Frontier Post Threatening Sudan won't help Darfur Africa Adrian Hamilton 7/8/2004 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Threatening Sudan won't help Darfur.PDF
193 The news A mist over Darfur Africa Ammara Durani 8/8/2004 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\A mist over Darfur.PDF
194 Daily Times The tradegy unfolding in Sudan  Africa 5/7/2004 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\The tragedy unfolding in Sudan.PDF
195 The Frontier Post Darfur's ugly resonance  Africa Rami G Khouri  12/8/2004 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Darfur 's ugly resonance.PDF
196 The Frontier Post In Sudan, the route to peace is through negotiations Africa Jonathan Steele 9/8/2004 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\In Sudan, the route to peace is through negotiations.PDF
197 Dawn Sudan in the firing line Africa Maqbool Ahmad Bhatty 15/8/2004 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Sudan in the firing line.PDF
198 The News Choice in Darfur Africa Mubarik Shah 14/8/2004 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Choice in Durfur.PDF
199 The Frontier Post Sudan - avoiding another dark stain ininternational history Africa Musa keilani 30/8/2004 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Sudan - avoiding another dark stain in international history.PDF
200 The Nation Sudan marching towards anarchy Africa Saad S Khan 7/9/2004 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Sudan marching towards anarchy.PDF
201 The Frontier Post Despite Darfur, Africa aid funds falling short Africa William Maclean 16/9/2004 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Despite Darfur, Africa aid funds falling short.PDF
202 The Frontier Post Africa's oil rush Africa Sanou Mbaye 16/9/2004 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Africa's oil rush.PDF
203 The Nation Somalia between hope and despair Africa Saad S Khan 14/9/2004 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Somalia between hope and despair.PDF
204 The Frontier Post Darfur and crusaders Africa Dr Khaled 27/9/2004 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Darfur and crusaders.PDF
205 Dawn Next steps in Sudan Africa Alan J kuperman 6/10/2004 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Next steps in Sudan.PDF
206 Dawn Diamonds bring misery to Africa Africa Maxi Jazz 19/10/2004 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Diamonds bring misery to africa.PDF
207 Darfur breach of sovereignty Africa 6/10/2004 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Darfur breach of sovereignty.PDF
208 The Frontier Post Sudan's crises the politics of 'Genocide' Africa 28/10/2004 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Sudan 's crises the politics of 'genocide.PDF
209 The Frontier Post Somalia: Between hope and despair - I Africa Saad S Khan 19/11/2004 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Somalia; Between hope and despair - I.PDF
210 The Frontier Post The need to put an end to the suffering in Sudan Africa Musa keilani 22/11/2004 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\The need to put an end to the suffering in Sudan.PDF
211 Daily Times Darkness at Darfur Africa Richard N Haass 27/11/2004 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Darkness at Darfur.PDF
212 Africa's hungry are fed bad policies Africa Paul kwengwere ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Africa ' s hungry are fed bad policies.PDF
213 Daily Times Learning the hard way in Kosovo Africa Alkman Granttsas 12/12/2004 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Learning the hard way in Kosovo.PDF
214 Success story of Morocco Africa Zubedida Mustafa 15/12/2004 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Success story of Morocco.PDF
215 Daily Times How tsunami warnings were ignored Africa Khalid Hasan 4/2/2005 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\How tsunami warnings were ignored.PDF
216 Daily Times Sudan's women hope for peace, divided over Sharia Africa 8/1/2005 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Sudan's women hope for peace, divided over Sharia.PDF
217 Return of Peace to Sudan Africa Tayyab Siddiqui 11/1/2005 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Return of Peace to Sudan.PDF
218 Justice for Darfur Africa Steve Cranshaw 10/2/2005 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Justice for Darfur.PDF
219 Dawn Sudan's chance for peace Africa Fauzia Qureshi  5/3/2005 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Sudan's chance for peace.PDF
220 The Frontier Post Egypt set to follow in Tunisia's footsteps Africa Marwan Al Kabalan 5/3/2005 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Egypt set to follow in Tunisia's footsteps.PDF
221 Blair's African Adventure Africa Fauzia Qureshi  10/3/2005 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Blair's African Adventure.PDF
222 The News The 'ethics' of empire  Africa Sabelo J Ndlovu 5/3/2021 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\The ‘ethics’ of empire Sabelo J Ndlovu.docx
223 The News Celebrating Mauritius Africa Dr Ramesh Kumar Vankwani 12/3/2021 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Celebrating Mauritius Dr Ramesh Kumar Vankwani.docx
224 Dawn Et tu, Tunisia? Africa Mahir Ali 28/7/2021 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\Et tu, Tunisia.docx
225 Dawn The Tunisian axis Africa Zarrar Khuhro 2/8/2021 ..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\Africa\The Tunisian axis.docx